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Losing a family member unexpectedly is a tremendous shock, and the fact that someone else’s negligence or willful act caused your loved one’s death can make things even worse. While you deal with the emotional trauma of an unnecessary fatality, there are also financial effects stemming from the wrongful death, such as the loss of income the victim might have contributed to your household. Inimitable Law in Rocklin offers comprehensive legal support to bereaved family members throughout the greater Sacramento area. We can show you what relief is available under California law and will work diligently to maximize the payment you receive from the parties liable for your loved one’s death.

What is required to win a wrongful death claim?

Similar to a personal injury claim, a wrongful death action is brought against a party whose negligence, recklessness or intentional misconduct harmed someone else. However, there are several distinctions that exist when the lawsuit stems from a fatality, including different standards regarding eligible plaintiffs and the types of damages that can be awarded. If a member of your family was killed in an auto accident, a fall that occurred on someone else’s property or another type of fatal incident where someone besides the victim is to blame, we’ll give you an honest assessment regarding the likelihood of a successful wrongful death lawsuit.   

How long do I have to file a wrongful death claim?

In most cases, the California statute of limitations allows plaintiffs to file a wrongful death lawsuit for two years following the incident. However, there can be factors that change this deadline. Claims against government authorities are often subject to a shorter timeline. There might also be situations, such as in the case of toxic exposure, where the cause of the fatality is not clear at the time of death. The discovery rule can apply in these cases to toll the statute of limitations.

Proving wrongful death

Litigating a wrongful death claim can be complicated because the key witness cannot testify as to what happened. This is when it becomes vital to have an attorney on your side with substantial experience winning negligence cases. We use physical evidence, witness accounts and expert testimony to present a persuasive case regarding the cause of the fatal incident. For example, in matters arising from deadly car crashes, we consult with accident reconstruction specialists if the cause of the collision is in dispute.

What damages can you receive for your loved one’s wrongful death?

Bereaved loved ones sometimes have a difficult time initiating the legal process because they know that nothing can truly replace the person who was lost. However, wrongful death damages exist to provide a measure of relief and accountability after a tragic fatality. Plaintiffs can receive the following types of reimbursement in these claims:

  • Income and benefits that the decedent would have been expected to provide over their lifetime
  • Burial and funeral costs
  • Payment to address the household services the decedent typically performed

You can also collect non-economic damages to address harm that cannot be quantified with a specific monetary value, such as the loss of companionship, intimacy, guidance and enjoyment stemming from the victim’s death.

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