Rocklin Car Accident Lawyer Seeks Payment for Sacramento-area Clients

Firm fights for victims of California vehicle collisions

In an instant, you could be the victim of an auto accident that leaves you with broken bones, a traumatic brain injury and even permanent medical damage. At Inimitable Law in Rocklin, we represent Californians who have been hurt in vehicle crashes so that they can collect the payment they need to address their medical bills, lost income and the other negative effects stemming from their collision. We also assist family members with wrongful death claims arising out of fatal accidents.

Common car accident causes

Motor vehicle accidents occur for all types of reasons. Some of the factors that most commonly trigger car crashes include:

  • Drunk or drug-impaired driving — More than a quarter of fatal auto accidents are caused by intoxicated drivers. Through chemical tests and witness accounts, our firm assesses whether the person behind the wheel was impaired.
  • Distractions — Cell phones, food and other distractions can divert a driver’s attention long enough to trigger a serious collision. When appropriate, we look at service provider records and other evidence to evaluate if the motorist took their eyes off the road.
  • Traffic violations — Speeding, weaving, tailgating, running red lights and ignoring stop signs might lead to something much worse than a ticket. Whether or not a driver who caused a crash was cited for a traffic violation, we will investigate to see if any laws were broken.
  • Drowsy driving — Fatigue can affect a driver in the same way that drugs or alcohol can. Even if someone is not literally asleep at the wheel, drowsiness cuts down on reaction time and limits a motorist’s ability to sense danger.
  • Poor road and weather conditions — Drivers have a responsibility to adjust to subpar road and weather conditions. The government entity in charge of maintaining the road could be legally liable if their negligence contributed to the crash.

Regardless of what precipitated your accident, we are prepared to battle so that you can get the payment you deserve.

What to do after an accident

When you’ve suffered an injury in a car accident, your first priority should be getting medical assistance for yourself and anyone else who needs it. You should also contact the police right away, even if you do not believe you are hurt. If there is no urgent medical emergency, there are ways you can gather information that might be useful for your eventual legal claim, such as taking photographs of the scene and getting the contact information of any witnesses to the accident.

California auto insurance laws

Unlike no-fault states, California allows car accident victims to seek relief directly from the driver who caused the collision and their insurance company. Unfortunately, many injured parties are frustrated by carriers that make the claims process difficult and refuse to accept obvious facts about who caused the crash. Our attorney has extensive experience fighting back against insurance companies that fail to honor their legal obligations. We gather the evidence needed to build the strongest possible case as promptly as possible so that you can receive the payment you deserve without unnecessary delay.

Compensation after a car crash

Victims of auto accidents caused by someone else can obtain several types of damages, including reimbursement for medical costs, lost income and the cost to repair your vehicle. You might also receive payment for pain and suffering and the loss of enjoyment in your life due to the crash. Our firm will help prepare a demand that fairly addresses the harm you experienced.

Speak with an experienced California auto accident lawyer in a free initial consultation

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