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In many marriages, one spouse relies heavily on the income their husband or wife brings into the home. When these relationships end, the person who depended on their partner’s income could face swift, severe financial peril. At Inimitable Law in Rocklin, we handle spousal support (also referred to as alimony) negotiations and litigation for individuals in the greater Sacramento area. Our firm will conduct a thorough evaluation of the circumstances in your case and explain how the California alimony guidelines apply. From there, we’ll seek an appropriate result based on the factors in your case, such as the length of your marriage and the age and earning ability of the parties.

Temporary spousal support vs. long-term spousal support

While a divorce is pending, temporary alimony might be awarded so that a spouse can meet their financial needs until the dissolution of their marriage is finalized. Once the divorce order is entered, it can include language requiring one of the parties to send long-term spousal support to the other. Despite the name, long-term spousal support could be limited to a few years after the marriage ends, depending on the particular circumstances. Typically, for marriages that last 10 years or fewer, alimony will not be ordered for a period longer than one-half of the marriage’s duration.

How is spousal support calculated in California?

In many cases, California courts use a formula in order to determine the amount of spousal support payments. Factors that go into this calculation include each party’s income and number of dependents, child support payments and health insurance premiums. However, each case is unique and there might be compelling reasons to diverge from the figure reached through the state’s guidelines. When you speak with one of our experienced family law attorneys, you can get an estimate of what your result would be under the guidelines and learn what factors might enable you to adjust that amount up or down. 

How to modify a spousal support order in California

Financial circumstances can change drastically after a divorce due to a job loss, medical problem or new relationship. When this occurs, a modification of alimony terms might be warranted. You and your ex-spouse might agree to an adjustment on your own, which can be submitted to the court to support a revision of your current order. If a disagreement exists about the proposed change, we can file a request with the court and attach the documents necessary to show why a modification is justified. We represent parties seeking changes as well as those opposing them in spousal support modification hearings.

What happens if someone doesn’t pay spousal support?

Alimony is not just a private agreement between former spouses, but a court-ordered obligation that can carry severe consequences if a paying party fails to comply. Judges have many ways to ensure compliance with alimony terms, including the garnishment of wages, the seizure of funds from a bank account and the withholding of tax refunds. If you are not receiving the payment you are entitled to, we will take immediate action on your behalf.   

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