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Inimitable Law in Rocklin provides exceptional legal advice and advocacy for Californians who are going through a divorce. We focus on accomplishing your goals while minimizing the stress and cost associated with the marriage dissolution process. 

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No two marriages are exactly alike and the same goes for divorces. In some situations, spouses can reach a quick agreement on parenting and financial terms. Others must go through extended negotiations and might require the assistance of mediator to reach consensus. Sometimes even that won’t bring about a resolution, and litigation becomes necessary to protect your interests. Our firm provides skillful, personalized guidance to find the path that works best for you and your children. At every step of the way, we will keep you informed of your options and work diligently to secure the outcome you seek.

Issues that must be resolved in a divorce

Going through a divorce can be traumatic for both you and your children. No matter what led to the breakup, we offer comprehensive legal support on matters pertaining to:

  • Child custody — Both parents should focus on the well-being of their sons and daughters during and after the marriage dissolution process. Our attorneys look for creative ways to resolve child custody conflicts so that parent-child bonds remain strong.
  • Visitation — After reviewing all of the relevant circumstances, we develop a parenting time schedule that accommodates your child’s particular needs and covers issues relating to holidays, school vacation and transportation between parents’ homes.
  • Child support — Calculating the child support rate under California guidelines requires extensive information about each parent’s income and expenses for items such as child care and health insurance. When you speak with us, we’ll advise you on what you can expect and will assist if there are other financial issues you would like to negotiate with your co-parent. 
  • Alimony — In households where one spouse earns all or most of the income, a divorce could make it impossible for their ex to meet their basic financial needs. Whether you believe you are entitled to alimony or are being asked to provide it, our firm will pursue a fair outcome through negotiation, mediation or litigation.
  • Asset and debt division — As a community property state, California law holds that most assets acquired during the course of a marriage are owned equally by each spouse unless a valid prenuptial or postnuptial agreement is in place. This is also true for debts incurred by the couple from the date they are wed. If a dispute exists over how to apportion the marital estate, we battle to see that property is valued accurately and that our clients receive their proper share.

A mistake in the divorce process could have harmful consequences for years to come. Don’t wait to speak with an experienced family lawyer.

What are the grounds for divorce in California?

Nearly all California divorces are based on the conclusion that irreconcilable differences exist between the spouses. This is commonly referred to as “no fault” divorce, because the parties do not have to allege that their spouse committed any type of misconduct. The fact that the relationship has broken down will suffice.

Who can file for divorce in California?

To file for divorce in California, at least one spouse must have lived in the state for six months or more. You need to file the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage in the court of the county where you have resided for at least three months.

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