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Most parents acknowledge their obligation to provide child support for their sons and daughters, but working out the details can be a contentious process. Inimitable Law in Rocklin delivers comprehensive counsel on child support issues, including guidance on the relevant California guidelines and assistance addressing specific concerns that might apply in your case. Throughout the Sacramento area, our firm gives parents the legal support they need to formulate, modify and enforce child support orders.

Which parent pays child support in California?

After a divorce or in any situation where parents don’t share a household, both parents are required to help address their child’s financial needs. If one parent has primary residential custody of their son or daughter, usually the other parent will meet their legal obligation by sending child support payments. California guidelines for child support reflect the percentage of time that a youth lives in each parent’s home. When a child spends roughly equal time at each residence, the higher-earning parent typically would make support payments to their former partner. State law mandates that child support be paid until a son or daughter reaches age 18, but payments can be ordered through age 19 if the son or daughter is still attending high school.

How is child support calculated in California?

California’s child support guidelines take into account a variety of factors when determining what the child support rate should be, including the income of both parents, childcare expenses and items that are commonly deducted on tax returns. Other considerations include the number of minor children a parent has and the portion of the year that a child resides in each parent’s home. We are well versed in the guidelines and can estimate what the child support rate would be in your case if that calculation is used. In the event that special circumstances exist that might not be covered in the general formula, we are able to negotiate provisions for costs such as higher education, extraordinary medical care and expensive extracurricular activities.

Failure to pay child support in California

Parents who violate child support orders face a wide range of sanctions. One common method of compelling compliance is the garnishment of wages and/or bank accounts. A nonpaying parent could also have their state-issued licenses suspended and even be charged with contempt of court. Whether you have not received the payment you are owed or are having trouble meeting your obligation, the best option is to take immediate legal action. Our firm represents recipient parents in enforcement actions and also helps paying parents avoid serious penalties and obtain child support modifications where appropriate. 

California child support modifications

A child support order is based on the circumstances that exist at the time. However, finances and personal relationships often change significantly. When this occurs, you can file a motion to modify the existing child support terms. These petitions often follow a job loss, medical disability or the birth of a child with a different partner. Parents might be able to work out revised arrangements on their own, but even if this is true, it is important to have the order changed to reflect the new agreement. If there is a dispute about the proposed change, our firm will provide strong advocacy whether you’re seeking the modification or opposing it.

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