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At Inimitable Law in Rocklin, we understand how painful it can be to end a marriage or go to court in order to preserve your parental rights. Though we cannot repair broken relationships, we can develop a sound legal strategy in order to help you safeguard what is most important. In the Sacramento area and other California communities, we handle divorces, custody issues, child support disputes and legal separations with the utmost care and professionalism.

A strong advocate during emotionally turbulent times

Family law cases are unlike other types of legal proceedings. Typically, the parties have had close relationships for many years, so emotions often run high. Though it can be very tempting to rehash old conflicts, it is best to focus on the particular legal issues at hand. Our firm takes the time to learn about your priorities and then makes every effort to obtain a resolution that puts you in the best position to move forward.

Trusted lawyer handles divorces, custody issues and other domestic legal concerns

Throughout the Sacramento area, our firm assists clients with various family law challenges, including matters related to:

  • Divorce — Ending a marriage isn’t easy, but choosing the right divorce lawyer can make the process easier and help you move forward on a solid foundation. We offer sound advice on community property issues, alimony and parenting plans so that you can protect your interests and preserve your well-being during a difficult period.
  • Legal separation — Some couples decide that they can no longer live together, but want to remain married. Whether you’re considering legal separation due to religious reasons, financial concerns or the possibility that you and your spouse might get back together, our firm will explain how this process occurs under California law.
  • Child custody — Finding the right child custody solution can be a complex task, even when both parents have the best of intentions. Our personalized approach helps clients develop suitable arrangements relating to decision-making authority and where the child will live.
  • Visitation — Young people and their parents have numerous demands on their time. We examine all of the relevant circumstances to negotiate fair, detailed visitation schedules that serve everyone’s best interests. 
  • Child support — Our firm represents Californians who send and receive child support during discussions and court proceedings. This includes assistance with disputes over nonpayment and efforts to adjust the amount when warranted.
  • Spousal support — Alimony can be ordered during and after a divorce if one spouse relied on the other for income during the marriage. You can count on us to assess whether spousal support will be awarded based on the facts in your case. If alimony is an issue, we will advocate for an outcome that properly reflects the situation.
  • Modification and enforcement of existing orders — The crucial facts that underlie a custody, child support or alimony order can change significantly after it is entered. When warranted, our firm petitions for modifications based on the shift in circumstances. We also handle actions to enforce orders when your ex refuses to comply with their terms.

We blend insightful legal strategy with compassionate counsel to help our clients move forward positively no matter what the particular situation entails. 

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Inimitable Law in Rocklin assists Northern Californians with a full range of family law concerns, including divorces and custody disputes. You can set up a consultation with an experienced attorney by calling 916-500-0369 or contacting us online.